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Wragby News EMN-140609-084504001
Wragby News EMN-140609-084504001

Gardening Club - Chairman Mike Harman extended a warm welcome to everyone and was delighted to be able to include six new members to the club at their first meeting of the new year, making a total of 63.

Thanks were given to Jennifer Smith for providing a Christmas Tree at short notice for the club’s contribution to the Wragby Methodist Chapel Festival

‘Growing vegetables on a small scale’ was the topic as Steve Lovell, the well known lecturer and garden designer, gave a very comprehensive talk on the essentials for success.

He discussed the best places to plant them and gave advice on what vegetables to grow and when and the planting year from the soil to the use of fertilisers and crop rotation were all explained in detail with great good humour.

A very lively question and answer session followed, before the chairman thanked him, commenting he felt sure there would be lots of excellent vegetables grown in Wragby this year.

Family Bingo - Many of the older regulars were unable to attend the recent session due to the very wintery weather and forwarded their apologies to organiser Margaret Kane, but it still proved to be very successful.

The money raised is for the town hall refurbishing fund and all present were able to admire the new chairs they have helped to provide.

The old chairs have now all been replaced and in addition some with wooden arms have been purchased, a great help for those who need a bit of assistance to lever themselves up.