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COUNCIL – A large number of the public turned up for the July meeting of the parish council, when concerns were expressed as to the difficulty in getting to the new library for the elderly, especially in bad weather, and questions were asked as to if a bus stop could be located at the entrance to Millbrook Business Park?

The chairman of CCG (Community Centre Group) was at the meeting and informed the council that since the official opening 54 new people had joined – more than normal.

However, she stated that if people do have difficulties then they could use the mobile library or apply for the home delivery service.

A request was made for the school crossing on the A158 to be moved lower down the road, where there is a sign indicating elderly people crossing. It was pointed out the school crossing area is too close to the bend in the road and thus dangerous. The chairman will contact Highways.

District Coun Peter Phillipson reported the new fire station area is a possibility for the re-siting of the bottle bank and that ELDC materials are available for the repairs of the shelter in Dove Park but need collecting, as do the Christmas tree lights.

PCSO Briggs listed the numbers of incidents in Wragby, which surprised many as to how many had been reported.

The illuminated speed sign is now available and will be in situ on the Bardney road, Silver Street, Horncastle Road, Lincoln Road and Louth Road.

Concerns from the last meeting on road safety have been submitted to various bodies but only Highways have responded so far. The council is waiting to hear from the police and Road Safety Partnership. It was pointed out that 11,000 vehicles pass through Wragby every day, with 19,000 at a weekend.

The new bench in the cemetery is now in place and the possibility of a water trough will be looked into. The costs and maintenance of a rose garden were considered too high, so it was agreed not to go ahead with the proposal.

The request for an extra grit bin in the Market Place has been refused.

Contact has been made to Highways regarding the original footpath from Hatton to Wragby, but they say they have never heard of it so it will not be re-installed.

Requests for trees and shrubs to be trimmed back are all being dealt with by the county council.

Councillors had no objection to the planning application from E.H. Thorne (Beehives) Ltd to develop the site on the junction of Silver Street and Louth Road for six homes.

Money is in place to install an information board in the market place, with the parish council putting £1,000 into the costs. One side of the board will have a map of the Limewoods and Wragby , with street names etc, and the other side will be used for Wragby information, to replace the notice board by the toilets.

Parish councillors met with the Heritage Group to discuss the proposed Village signs. The five signs would be relevant to the Heritage book Where 5 Roads Meet. Each sign will cost £2,000 + VAT, which does not include installation. The discussion indicated that perhaps the parish council would fund two, while the Heritage Group would fund the remaining three.

According to the response from the Parish Plan questionnaire features the public would like to see are the Turnor Arms Crest, the mill, the church, a beehive and a tractor and plough, all indicative of Wragby.