YOUTH CENTRE – The centre is now open every Thursday evening following the holiday break and young people from Wragby and district are invited to go along between 6.30pm-9pm, when the facilities are available for them each week.

Two members of Lincolnshire County Council’s youth services staff who now work at different centres in the area each weekday evening are on duty, including Gabriel Ureche – previously the youth worker in charge at Wragby.

He has been re-appointed by the county council and his duties include Wragby every Thursday, when he is assisted by Julie Whanstall of Horncastle, a very enthusiastic member of the team who is encouraging the members to plan a programme of activities for the coming weeks.

They are currently working on healthy eating and cooking as food is always a popular theme for any age group, and jacket potatoes have been enjoyed, served with grated cheese and baked beans.

Fairy cakes have also been baked and decorated before rapidly disappearing at the fun night. The subscription is just 50p each visit.

Use of the sports hall has now been cancelled so space is limited, but members attending are gradually growing in number as word gets around that the club has opened again, even if it is only for one evening when previously there were three meetings each week.

The outdoor court is available for football and indoor sports include snooker, pool and table tennis.

Two long-standing members of staff at the centre, assistant youth workers Pam Till and Christine Williams, volunteered to take early retirement during the summer following the announcement of cutbacks in youth services and a reduction in the number of staff and thanks are due to them for their service to the young people of Wragby and district over many years.