VARIETY SHOW – Wragby Town Hall was alive with the sound of music and laughter on September 17 for the successful variety show.

The featured artists opened with a lively sing-a-long musical medley led by Tom Guthrie and Frank Allard of the Lindum Accordion Players. Kieran Gillespie then sang ‘Valerie,’ Vicky James read two poems she had written herself, Felicity Turner sang ‘Feed the Birds’ and Callum Dean, Lewis Dean, Thomas Miller and George Coleman presented a karate display to ‘Kung Fu Fighting’.

Anna Stone then sang ‘Someone Like You’ and Colin Knowles sang ‘Raining in my Heart’ before the Wragby Hand Bell Ringers brought the first half of the show to an end with a selection of their favourite tunes.

Oliver Ingall was first on stage in the second half, singing ‘Make you feel my Love.’ Harvey Hansen accompanied himself on the guitar as he sang his songs and Charlie Newland-Shepherd performed a ballet dance.

‘Grenade’ was the song chosen by Jordan Knowles, Vicky James read two more of her own poems and Colin Knowles sang ‘The Book’, made famous by David Whitfield, before Ann Harris took to the stage to present one of her amusing monologues.

Felicity Turner sang ‘I have a Dream’ as she took to the stage for the second time and Anna Stone chose Mustang Sally for her second song before the show was brought to a rousing close with a grand sing-a-long with accordionists Tom Guthrie and Frank Allard, who included popular Elvis tunes in their final musical medley.

Kathy Lowe, chairman of the town hall management committee, gave the artists a vote of thanks and presented them with a Town Hall Variety Show award certificate.

The artists were introduced by Margaret Kane who had planned, designed and printed the programme with the help of her son Simon. Mike Fricke controlled the lighting and sound, John Kane and Kathy Lowe were on door duty, and Tressa Machin and Pat Steel ran the raffle and served refreshments, helped by Kathy Lowe.

The evening raised £381 for town hall funds.

BINGO – A tombola run by Mel Kane and Margaret Kane helped to boost funds at a family bingo evening at Wragby Town Hall. Yvonne Blackburn called the lucky numbers and the cards were checked by Kathy Lowe and Margaret Kane.

The evening raised £145.20 for the Town Hall Renewals Fund.