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PARISH COUNCIL – Concern was expressed, yet again, during the public forum at the recent parish council meeting regarding the flooding during heavy rain on the corner of Newton Close, when it was said toilet residue can be seen in the gardens.

District Coun Phillipson reported this has been an on-going problem with Anglian Water and following a discussion with members of the public the chairman suggested dialogue needs to be re-opened and the problem looked into.

PCSO Keith Briggs expressed his concern at the spate of vandalism in Wragby recently and he urged members of the public to report everything, no matter how minor.

Wragby is now on “tasking”, so all concerns need to be reported to put a stop to this problem. The shelter on Dove Park, which cost £10,000, has been vandalised and completely wrecked and the chairman suggested four possibilities – to do nothing, get it fixed, take down the lower walls, seating and panelling or to pull it down altogether.

Councillors agreed to look into the insurance, look at all the options and make a decision before the October meeting.

Substantial vandalism has also taken place at the children’s play area on the Town Hall field. To replace and restore equipment for children of all ages will be in the region of £25,000 and support has been requested from the parish council.

A copy of the Wragby speed monitor statistics was circulated; it concluded motorists are speeding through Wragby – but the device did have an effect on slowing down traffic.

The worse area proved to be opposite Millbrook Business Park, Lincoln-bound, between 3pm and 4.15pm on July 7, when 42.08 per cent were over the speed limit and 13 vehicles travelling at more than 50 mph in a 30mph limit.

Total cars monitored over the recording period was 1902 and those speeding were 532, a percentage of 27.97.

The parish council agreed in principal to look into the possibility of hosting celebrations to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and hoped to work with and include other groups to support.

Andy Ratcliffe from LCC Highways attended the meeting and addressed the council as to the concerns in Wragby.

He will liaise with a member of the public regarding the footway from Hatton to Wragby that “was” there, but Highways dispute its former existence.

He will also look into the matter of an extra grit bin for the Market Place having been refused.