FOOTBALL CLUB PRESENTATION – Members of the four Wragby Football Club teams gathered in the town hall with their families and friends for their annual presentation night, when they were congratulated and thanked for their contribution to the club’s success and that of their respective teams during the past season.

Club president Roy Shuttleworth had the pleasure of presenting the outstanding players from the four teams with their trophies, together with a small memento to treasure.

Under 13s – Man of the Match George Swain, Top Goalscorer Callum Garthwaite, Most Improved Player Joe Cash, Player of the Season James Hanson; Under 15s – Leading Goal Scorer Daniel Reeves, Most Improved Player Mathew Merivale, Players’ Player Charlie Wathall and Player of the Season Joe Smedley; Under 18s – Most Improved Player Harvey Chantry, Player of the Season Jimmy Telfer, Manager’s Player Rob Chamberlin, Leading Goal Scorer Ryan Parnell; Men’s team – Manager’s Player of the Year Eddie Bruntlett, Most Improved Player Gav Drury, Leading Goal Scorer Steve Goy, Player of the Year Daryl Dunn.

On behalf of the club, Hugh Bourn then presented a small trophy to each of the players as a reward for their effort and team work which contributed to a successful season for Wragby Football Club.

SUPPER CLUB – North Willingham was the venue for the recent meeting of the Supper Club.

The weather was ideal for the farm walk to see the crops flourishing in the countryside and as they went on their guided tour with their hosts they were able to appreciate the effort that goes into the production of the food we enjoy on a daily basis.

The long drought followed by heavy showers of initially welcome rain all cause additional problems for the growers, although they somehow manage to battle with the elements and win through in the end by producing what is needed for their customers.

Everyone was given a very warm welcome to the farm and the evening ended with a visit to the Willingham Fayre ice-cream parlour for a super buffet supper and a delicious ice-cream, all served to the individual’s choice.