Worldwide attention for watch at auction

Rolex watch
Rolex watch

A battered old Rolex watch belonging to a woman from the Market Rasen area caused a major surprise when it was sold at auction for almost ten times what was expected.

The 54-year-old watch - developed for pilots travelling throught global time zones - sold for more than £5,000.

The watch, which was sold in an online auction, rececived a hug number of enquires from people all over the world.

A spokesman for the auctioneers said: “The glass was badly scratched, part of the case that held the outer bazel in place was missing, the bezel colours had pretty much gone and the steel bracelet was held together by willpower.

“It arrived at the auction centre in a box of various interesting bits and pieces that were sent by a vendor from the Market Rasen area.

“She was pretty pleased when we said that it could attract quite a lot of attention from collectors.”

The watch was sold to a bidder from Berkshire for £5,160.

The spokesman said: “It does underline just how strong the collector market is for pocket watches and wristwatches.

“Interesting examples are achieving results that are way over the intrinsic value of the metal involved.”