Wooden wonders at Caistor Flower Club

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Caistor Flower Clubs enjoyed their first demonstration of the year, with Roma Berridges’ Patterns of Nature, using all natural materials.

Wood was the main component - drift wood, the roots of a tree, large pieces of bark, a hollow tree stump and polished wood - and all had stunning arrangements incorporated into them, which would complement any coffee table anywhere.

Some of the arrangements had an oriental look to them using the orchid as the main flower, another had beautiful peach roses and another had large white roses.

The final one was made of magnolia branche,s with many magnolia buds ready to open up; a wonderful display for the lucky winner of the arrangement.

Roma was very entertaining with lots of humour about family life, plus tips for growing and prolonging the life of a flower.

A great evening enjoyed by all.

The club’s next meeting is on Wednesday April 13 at 7.30pm, when the guest demonstrators are Susie Marsh and Christine Hinchliffe, with an evening entitled Creative Colour.

Guests are welcome, with admission £6.

The club is also celebrating their Golden anniversary this year with a flower festival in the local church in October; anyone who would like to take part in the event can call 07703 802894.