Wonderful ways with wood lead to London exhibition for Great Limber artist

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Honoured by the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) in 2015, Great Limber wood turner and sculptor Joey Richardson was able to recently travel to America to spend time with a carver called Fraser Smith.

There she produced a wooden cap, recently on display in Brigg.

The scholarship and trip to America enabled her to also cast her wooden forms in glass.

“I am extremely proud to be part of the QEST family and feel a very strong responsibility to live up to the award,” she said.

The scholarship is given annually to a QEST scholar who has made the most significant contribution to their craft.

”I felt very honoured and thrilled to receive the QEST Award of Excellence especially knowing there are over 350 other QEST scholars who are equally deserving,” added Joey.

“An award like this is a reflection of the many supportive people who have influenced me.”

After visiting the United States, Joey, a Liveryman of the Turners Company, is working on combining wood with glass, metal and photography.

This, she feels, allows her to expose wood as an art form to a whole new collector base.

She is also planning a large international wood exhibition in London for 2017.