Wolds panther rears its head

MARKET Rasen's Mayor caught a glimpse of the elusive Wolds beast last Friday night (February 13).

Mayor Derek Donner was driving through Friesthorpe near Wickenby when the big black cat pounced across the road.

He told the Mail: "My wife Sue spotted it. First of all she thought it was a fox, then a deer, then we realised what it was.

"It was jet black and bigger than an alsatian. It's the third time I've seen it, I spotted it a few times when I had my milk round."

Some of the mysteries surrounding the panther may be answered when big cat experts roar into the Wolds for the week, hoping to catch the beast on film.

The Big Cat Research Group has been studying the cats for 15 years and will be camping out in the Lincolnshire Wolds using trigger cameras, baited traps and recordings of animals, in order to get closer to the big hybrid cat.

Mark Fraser from the group is keen to speak to any locals who have seen the beast, and share their experience for a book the group are collating to be published later in the year by the Center of Fortean Zoology.

If you have any information on the panther then call Mark Fraser on 07940 016972 or 01563 542499 or e-mail mark@scottishbigcats.org.

Personal details and even locations will be kept confidential if necessary.