Winter Weather Advice to Motorists

Insp Simon Outen EMN-140324-163410001
Insp Simon Outen EMN-140324-163410001

West Lindsey Inspector Simon Outen has offered advice to motorists should wintery weather arrive during this festive period.

He said: “Once again winter temperatures are upon us and your local police are responding to a significant number of road traffic collisions as a result.

“As the inspector in charge of policing West Lindsey I would ask that when driving you consider the following factors:

“1 – The air temperature may not reflect the road surface temperature; be aware of the potential for black ice, particularly on ungritted routes, and where the area is largely in shade.

“2 – Gritting starts to reduce in effectiveness as the temperature drops and is considered ineffective at temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius.

“3 – A lot of our roads in West Lindsey are rural in nature and therefore the grit may not be bedded in due to the low traffic volumes. Even though roads may have been gritted, the weather may have reduced the effectiveness of the grit that has been put down.

“4 – Be particularly careful of those cold sunny winter mornings; sometimes ice can suddenly appear despite the sun.

“5 – 4 x 4 vehicles give potential for better control, but there has to be grip for one wheel at least; if all wheels are on ice you will have no grip regardless of whatever vehicle you are in.

“6 – Gritting takes time across the vast Lincolnshire network, and Highways work hard to do this; but please appreciate the distances they cover and the time it takes.

“7 – On those nights where it is cold and it rains, be very alert to the dangers of ice on all roads; grit may have been washed off.

“8 – Ensure your washer bottle is topped up and has appropriate screen wash in it to try and avoid it freezing.

“9 – Make sure your vehicle is prepared for the weather – check your tyre tread depths and pressures and ensure your lights are working; if snow is forecast consider carrying a shovel and blankets and warm drinks / snacks in case you become stuck.

“And finally, have a very safe and pleasant festive season.”