Will you give up alcohol for the Dry January campaign?


People are being urged to spare a thought for their health and give up alcohol as a way to kick-start a healthy new year, as part of the national ‘Dry January’ campaign.

With the start of a new year, many people make resolutions to get fitter, eat better and drink less. Last year more than two million people in England gave up booze for a whole month thanks to the Dry January campaign.

Dr Shahid Raza, consultant gastroenterologist at the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Why not spare a thought for your liver and pledge to stay off the booze for January.

“You will be surprised by the benefits which include weight loss, better sleep, improved skin and more money in your pocket.

“If you’re concerned about your relationship with alcohol, please visit your GP as a first step of getting some advice and help. After that, there are a number of treatments such as detoxification, counselling and medication that can help you if you have become addicted to alcohol.”

The recommendations state that men should regularly drink no more than three to four units a day, and women shouldn’t regularly drink more than two to three units a day.

Guidelines also state that you should have at least two alcohol-free days each week, and recommend that after heavy drinking, it is important to refrain from drinking for 48 hours to allow the tissues in your body to recover.

Shahid added: “Going sober for one month can be the first step someone needs to change the negative relationship they have with alcohol. So join up, enjoy the benefits and encourage your friends to do the same!”

• For more information on Dry January, www.dryjanuary.org.uk.