Wild One Mike’s riding adventures

Mike Coleman of Wild One Tours EMN-141223-151543001
Mike Coleman of Wild One Tours EMN-141223-151543001

Mike Coleman wants to take you for a ride! But he promises you the trip of a lifetime.

The retired Market Rasen policemen and wife Sandra have run Wild One Tours from their shop in Queen Street since 2012, selling motorcycle gear and accessories, and running the tours as a not-for-profit sideline.

Mike has always been interested in motorbikes, having ridden at Cadwell Park, Willingahm Woods, plus sand racing at Mablethorpe. He once did a police motorbike run to Monte Carlo.

This gave him the idea of opening the shop, selling bike leathers and related equipment. It is the only one of its kind in the area, but business is helped by Lincolnshire’s popularity with bikers. The tours operate as a not-for-profit touring club and they attract people from all over the UK, plus Europe and the USA/Canada.

“The business is the shop, but the tours attract business to the shop. They attract people to the kind of shop you would not expect in a small town like Market Rasen,” Mike said.

The shop is also helped by a website, currently-being upgraded, to cope with a growing demand for online sales. This month, Mike has been busy devising the 2015 tour programme. In addition to weekend tours in Britain, there are longer tours in Europe, typically to France or Spain. A popular attraction is the “spectacular” Millau Viaduct in France, the world’s tallest bridge.

The tours attract individuals, couples, groups, other motorbiking clubs, riders of all ages. While holiday companies offer increasingly exotic destinations, France and Spain still satisfy Mike and his riders. “People don’t know how France can be so wild, even Spain. You get such a variety of stuff. I have been to a lot of the world but there’s very little that Europe hasn’t got,” he said.