Wife killed in tragic accident


A woman lay fatally injured under the family car after her husband reversed into her in a freak accident on their shared courtyard driveway.

Jennifer Robinson, 81, of Coach House Court, Caistor, died on October 5 last year.

Her husband, William Robinson, 77, was in the driver’s seat while his wife placed some bags in the back of the VW Golf automatic.

The inquest heard he was startled when she slammed the hatch door and his foot slipped from the brake.

The car shot backwards – hitting his wife and two cars in the courtyard – and paramedics called to the scene were unable to save Mrs Robinson, who lay under the VW.

Mr Robinson told the inquest: “I have handed my licence in and I have got rid of my car.”

Central Lincolnshire assistant coroner Marianne Johnson concluded Mrs Robinson died as a result of an accident.