Why are yet more shops in Market Rasen closing down?

Market Rasen Mail front page EMN-150325-074117001
Market Rasen Mail front page EMN-150325-074117001

Market Rasen’s high street has suffered a fresh blow, with the current or impending closure of three more high street retailers.

Glitz’N’Glam clothing store has started a closing down sale, though staff say they are unable to give a closure date.

Last week, the Hollywood Nails announced its closure and the Primal Art tattoo studio was also closed, with its premises almost all cleared out.

Surviving retailers expressed no surprise at the latest closures, citing family illness for one and rising rents for another.

However not everyone agrees.

Ralph Wyrley-Birch BSc of Perkins George Mawer said rents are falling and his agency was having

to reduce rents to let property.

Sara Scott, chair of

MR BIG, added some landlords were wary of ‘light-touch’ leases because of “over-night disappearances.”

Ms Scott suggests Market Rasen has more premium fashion retailers, citing the successful example of Spring, as it cannot compete with fast fashion providers like Primark.

She added: “Independent retail is very tough. Anyone who expects it to be easy will have a short, sharp shock.

“Great shopkeepers are great buyers, merchandisers, finance, people management

and sales all rolled into

one. Some of our existing traders and high street heroes deserve every respect.

“People need to use it, or lose it.