Which of our roads are w-hole-ly unacceptable?

A PUSH to get potholes plugged is being launched today by your Market Rasen Mail.

Residents across the Rasen, Caistor and Brigg area have contacted this newspaper to report deep potholes in roads that could damage cars and in some instances have even caused serious accidents.

One such incident took place at the weekend in Nettleton on Mamsgate Hill. The poor condition of the road surface, which as well as being rutted, is often a black spot for ice, led to a Grimsby cyclist breaking his hip.

Helen Pitman, clerk to Nettleton Parish Council and Caistor Town Council, said: “The A46 and Caistor High Street are still really bad for potholes.

“It has been weeks since the snow went and no work has started.

“We have had a couple of accidents at the weekend which have been reported to the Highways Department.

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