What should we do with Rasen's old Methodist Chapel?

THE IDEA of bulldozing Rasen's old Methodist Chapel and creating a nature park on the site has certainly stirred up public opinion

Your Mail revealed last week Lincoln based Malcolm Skeels is being asked to sell the Union Street land so it can be done up as part of the regeneration of Rasen.

Some readers have said it is about time the old chapel is demolished - while others demand it should be turned into a town museum or theatre.

We asked for your views – and the following anonymous comments came pouring in:

l "Take the roof off and replace it with a glass roof to form an atrium effect - so you have a light, airy interior. Inside could be units for offices. Several small businesses could work in there.

"The downstairs could be a lounge area with a cafe and guest artistes playing music. The sort of thing which does not attract large audiences. You could have theatre in the round without a stage."

l "We shouldn't lose another historic building. Look at what happened when the town hall was knocked down."

l "Demolish the Festival Hall, which is a 1970s eyesore, and enlarge the car park for the extra visitors. Transfer the council offices and a small performance venue into the Union Street chapel."

l "Knock the chapel down and have a car park there. It's bad getting down Union Street when there are cars parked on both sides and Rasen needs more parking spaces. It could be landscaped with trees and flowering shrubs, have lighting and CCTV."

l "A museum would be an asset to the town. There will be no shortage of items to trace the history of the town and the areas around. Schools and playgroups could visit."

l "A community room for hiring would surely clash with the Festival Hall and Church Rooms."

l "A theatre is a good idea. Could there be an adaptation to show films (nothing X rated)?"

l "Turn the chapel into a Heritage Centre focusing on Rasen but incorporating the surrounding areas. Market Rasen is the gateway to the Wolds so it's in an ideal position for visitors. You've got parking next door.

"You could have old people's memories and old pictures, information on the families associated with the town, it could house copies of historical archives - even old copies of the Mail!"