“What planet are you plonkers on?”

Farmer Gordon Stanley with the letter he received from the parish council and his reply
Farmer Gordon Stanley with the letter he received from the parish council and his reply

A Ludford farmer has hit out at his local parish council over claims lorries driving to his farm on Sixhills Lane are damaging the road and upsetting residents.

Gordon Stanley, of Galley Brook Farm, has received a letter from Ludford Parish Council saying since he gained consent for a new barn, vehicles have been parking up the roadside, with drivers leaving litter. The traffic has also driven the “wrong way and this is causing inconvenience and nuisance.”

“All of the above is causing upset and distress to those living nearby and was not assisted by the fact that your planning documentation stated that all nearby residents had been consulted and this was not completely factual,” said Parish Clerk Joyce Gray.

Branding the letter “out of order” Gordon Stanley has fired back a stinging response.

“What planet are you plonkers on. Are lorries not classed as normal traffic?” though he says only one lorry a week has entered his farm since he got planning approval for the barn, which remains unbuilt.

Mr Stanley says other HGVs and tractors use Sixhills Lane as a short cut to Caistor High Street and there have been no complaints about them over the past 10 years.

The farmer says he cannot be held responsible for litter dropped by other people, also blaming litter on badgers “pilfering” the bins the animals knock over.

He said traffic cannot travel the wrong way as Sixhills Lane is not one-way and “you, the Parish Council, have no power to dictate to me or anyone else which way to travel on it.”

Mr Stanley also says he consulted neighbours over his planning application with notices on his farm sign and via the East Lindsey District Council website. There are also just two properties on Sixhills Lane. Opposition to his plan was “just sour grapes,” he said, and Lincolnshire Highways had and still has no issues with his business.

Mrs Gray asked for co-operation and “a speedy resolution to restore good-feeling within the village.” This looks unlikely.

Mr Stanley says no longer will he clear gulleys of water or snow in the village.

“If Ludford ever has snow again, buy a shovel because my machinery will not be coming to help,” he added.