‘We’ll do everything we can for William’

William with his sisters EMN-151123-173032001
William with his sisters EMN-151123-173032001
  • Family set sights on raising £10,000 to help their disabled son

A Coningsby couple have made an impassioned plea for help to raise £10,000 to improve the life of their disabled son.

Six-year-old William Bee was left with severe disabilities after he was born prematurely.

His twin brother Alfie was stillborn.

William survived but he cannot talk, walk or stand without help.

He was born with fluid on the brain which caused severe brain damage.

He has developed cerebral palsy and suffers from a condition known as ‘severe global delay’. That restricts his development. There is no known cure.

All William’s food has to be blended and he’s fed via a peg which has been inserted in his stomach.

He’s had a number of operations.

Despite the problems, William’s parents - Jane High and partner Daniel Bee - describe him as ‘loving and brilliant’ .

They say he’s never happier than when playing with his two sisters - Emily (4) and Megan (3).

Mum Jane said: “They love him to bits. They think he’s brilliant. We all do. They help look after him. It can be tough. My family are my rock.”

William and his sisters love to cuddle up on the sofa - watching children’s TV.

However, he has to be carried upstairs to the bathroom and his bedroom.

Jane admits that as William gets older - and heavier - it is a concern.

The couple are hoping to build an extension at their home on the King’s Manor estate.

They want to provide William with a bedroom and a wet room.

Social services have pledged half the amount but the family must raise the rest.

Fund-raising has started and Jane and Daniel have been ‘overwhelmed’ by the generosity of family and friends.

They admit raising the £10,000 will be difficult but are determined to ensure William enjoys the best standard of life possible.

Jane (37) said: “It would make such a big difference. Considering everything he’s been through, he’s such a happy boy. ”

William’s eating was a worry but he’s put on weight and loves tucking into his mum’s Sunday dinners.

Because of the high calorie content of his meals, William does not sleep through the night.

Jane adds: “He usually wakes up at two or three o’clock. Because he can’t talk, he shouts and screeches.

“He’s obviously happy but it is difficult for his two sisters because he wakes them up.”

The family will be holding a sponsored walk on December 12, William and Alfie’s birthday.

It’s a three-and- a half-mile route from Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital to Freiston churchyard, the site of Alfie’s gravestone.

Full details of how to help can be obtained from dannybee82@hotmail.co.uk or https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/danny-bee