‘We don’t want to pay to park’

MHBG-08-11-12 Parking machine''New solar panel powered pay and display ticket machine in London Road car park EMN-150510-132759001
MHBG-08-11-12 Parking machine''New solar panel powered pay and display ticket machine in London Road car park EMN-150510-132759001
  • Residents raise concerns over WLDC plans - and business owners aren’t happy either

Residents and business owners have given a resounding ‘thumbs down’ to plans by West Lindsey District Council to introduce parking charges in Market Rasen.

The Rasen Mail revealed last week that WLDC is set to scrap free parking in the town.

People living in Rasen fear that will lead to a parking ‘free for all’ with residential streets becoming clogged.

And there are also concerns payments will mean people will shop elsewhere - hitting local businesses already struggling in difficult times.

Several people have also hit out at the cost of installing and operating a payment system which, they point out, will exceed predicted income.

Ged Houlton said: “I have just read the article about car parking. What a mess it will be. £65k to install, £31k to maintain per year.

“Cars will now park anywhere and everywhere but pay!

“ The Co-op will be permanently clogged up, as will all side streets, especially around the doctors and A46.

“Our side streets are dangerous enough, without more parked cars.

“Remember Louth cattle market, always full, now abandoned.

“What about free parking for two hours, same as the Co-op?

“Who ever grumbles about that who lives here?

“As for parking on the main shopping street, the police overlook it every time they pass because of a break in the painting of yellow lines!

“ Get it painted properly, - that will cost less than 65k - then slap some parking tickets on those that permanently block the road outside the pizza shop, and restrict the flow to the traffic lights.

“What are things coming to?

“I love Rasen, but I think for sure, it is doomed!

“This is another “make money” idea by the council, because of cut backs!”

Mum of two Sarah Johnson said she would shop elsewhere - rather than pay.

She added: “There aren’t many shops in Rasen and this is going to hit them hard.

“You can park in Tesco for nothing and more people are going to do that.

“I live close to the town centre and the street is just going to be full of people parking all day.”

Ian Jenkins said paying-to-park would ruin Rasen. He added: “It’s stupid. We need free parking to bring people in.

“All this will do is drive custom elsewhere.

“These big out-of-town centres have free parking. Who is going to pay to park in Rasen?”

Vicky Roper said she was concerned where people who work in Rasen would park.

She added “At the moment, its free but if you are going to have to pay it will put a hole in your weekly wage.

“I’ll park on a side street and so will most of the people I know.”

Mike Walton, owner of Wolds Antiques on the town’s Queen Street. said: “I’m not keen (on paying to park)

“ One of the big pluses (for the town) is the free parking. Lots of our customers say they come here because of that.

“They can park up for a short time and not have to worry about spending one or two pounds on parking. They like the fact they can park up and it costs nothing.

“If they start racking up parking, it will definitely go to the side streets.

“I cannot see any economic benefit.

“From a trade point of view, it does not work.”

Jossals coffee shop and bistro partner Sally Graham is also less than enthusiastic.

Ms Graham, whose shop is also situated on Queen Street, told the Mail last week: “Obviously I don’t want to see them (parking charges). It’s bound to have an affect on the whole town, to a certain degree.”