Wat-er lot of rain: 2012 second wettest

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The figures are in, the facts have been collated and it is now official – 2012 was one of the wettest years since the end of the second world war.

All those days of stepping out of the door with a pair of wellies on and the umbrella up yet again added up to make last year the second wettest in 50 years, according to Market Rasen weather supremo Ralph Coulson.

He recorded a total rainfall of 33.7 inches, or 855.7 millimetres, against an average of 23.86 inches – and that was after a year which began with fears of continuing drought across the county.

In March, the Environment Agency announced it 
may impose a hosepipe ban 
in Lincolnshire following almost 18 months of dry weather.

Ironically, the third day of that month saw the greatest amount of rainfall of the whole year, with 1.31 inches.

Overall there were 223 
days of rain and 10 days of snow or sleet – meaning puddles galore.

Mr Coulson told The Rasen Mail that in absolute contrast to the exceptional dryness of 
2011, this year is the town’s second wettest since his records began.

The record for the wettest year goes to 2000, when 
Mr Coulson recorded a staggering 860.6 millimetres of rain.

December offered no respite from the wet weather, with twice the normal 
amount of rainfall, despite the mild weather for the time of year.

In Market Rasen in fact it proved to be the wettest December since 1978.

The town’s total rainfall 
for the month was 4.78 inches, or 121.5 millimetres, only bettered by 78s total of 161.8 millimetres.

The month had more bright sunshine than normal, with 55.9 hours, though there were 12 days with no sunshine whatsoever.

The mean maximum temperature was 7.2C, and the minimum was 1.2C. Both are colder than average.

Over the whole year, however, the temperature hit the average exactly, with a mean maximum temperature of 13.9C and a minimum of 6.1C.

There were six days which saw the mercury pass 26.7C, and 56 when we saw temperatures of 21.1C or more.

The sunniest day of the year was May 26, when the town was bathed in rays for 14.4 hours.