Was missing pilot snatched by aliens?

RUMOURS a RAF Binbrook pilot was abducted by aliens have been published in newly-released Government files on UFOs.

Reports describe how Capt William Schaffner was never seen again after his Lightning plane merged with a UFO over the North Sea on September 8, 1970. A second later the UFO is said to have sped off travelling at more than 20,000mph.

The Ministry of Defence files released by the National Archives cover reported sightings of UFOs from 1985 to 2007 – it includes claims Capt Schaffner spotted a dazzling blue cone-shaped object minutes before his plane disappeared off the radar.

The RAF accident report says the American pilot took off from RAF Binbrook just before 8.30pm, he was told to accelerate towards a target but said – in a strained voice – he was in contact with lights and he would have to manoeuvre to slow down.

A Board of Inquiry found the pilot flew the aircraft into the sea after failing to complete a difficult task.

When the wreckage was found by a Royal Navy minesweeper two months later there was no sign of fire or explosion and expert examination revealed no sign the aircraft was other than serviceable at impact.

Capt Schaffner’s body has never been found – and he did not eject from the cockpit into a survival dinghy.

The files explain how the Board of Inquiry came to the conclusion Capt Schaffner manually abandoned the aircraft, but because he has not been found, he was presumed to have drowned during or after his escape.