Warnings given over summer swimming

The beautiful Ancholme at Brigg EMN-140307-080445001
The beautiful Ancholme at Brigg EMN-140307-080445001

Youngsters are being warned about the dangers of swimming in local rivers, ponds and becks during warm weather in mid-summer.

Chairman of the Ancholme River Users Group, Rob Waltham, said North Lincolnshire Council was keen to get their message over.

“A fatality had occurred at Ashby Ville ponds a few years ago,” he said.

“We have been into some primary schools in the authority.

“We need to warn people of the dangers.”

There are no by-laws against swimming in the Ancholme, but Coun Waltham said it is not just the dangers of swimming accidents that the local authority is concerned about.

“It is more often a case of swimmers being unaware of the water quality and the hidden dangers of illness that arise from that,” added Coun Waltham

And Godfrey Thacker of Brandy Wharf Marina said the warnings should not be just for children but also to men in their ‘20s’.