Volunteers help meadows in Wolds

Caisotr NCS volunteers EMN-141209-143055001
Caisotr NCS volunteers EMN-141209-143055001
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Roadsides and meadows around Caistor are looking much prettier thanks to volunteers helping the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust this summer.

The trust has designated the Wolds area a ‘Living Landscape’, which it is promoting and developing landscape conservation projects for, says spokesman Robert Enderby.

“One of these projects is the development of a ‘Wildflower Meadows Network’. We are working with volunteers and local communities to restore grassland habitats across the Wolds and were recently in Caistor with teenagers from the National Citizen Service creating new wildflower meadows,” he said.

Before farming intensified, the Wolds had many wildflower meadows that flourished in its dry soils, providing a rich home for many species.

“The Wolds were a key focus for our Life on the Verge project, which successfully surveyed wildflower populations on most of the quiet road verges that stretch across the area. These verges are remnants of ancient routes and drove roads that were found to offer a haven to many wildflower species and provide corridors of wildlife linking different parts of the Lincolnshire Wolds together. We surveyed many of the roads in and around Caistor,” Robert said.

“Our new Wildflower Meadows project aims to take this discovery forward by promoting and developing the creation of a new network of wildflower meadows with the help of volunteers, local communities, landowners and local authorities.”