Video: Reckless motorcyclist narrowly avoids lorry after dangerous overtake near Louth

A reckless motorcyclist has been caught on a motorist’s dashcam performing a dangerous overtake on the A16 near Louth, narrowly missing a head-on collision with an oncoming lorry.

The incident occurred on the A16 at Cordeaux Corner, just north of Louth, on Tuesday evening (October 24).

An image from the dashcam footage, moments before a motorcyclist performs a dangerous overtake on the corner.

A local motorist, who shared the dashcam footage with the Leader today, said: “Some biker clearly doesn’t value his life!”

The footage shows the motorcyclist overtake the motorist’s vehicle, before overtaking the car in front of him on the corner - avoiding an oncoming lorry by a matter of inches. The motorcyclist can be seen continuing his journey undeterred, despite the near miss.

Cordeaux Corner has seen a number of accidents in recent years - including some which caused serious injury or death - and the prospect of speed limit reductions for this stretch of road have been discussed by county and town councillors in the past.

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