VIDEO: Plans to turn Lincolnshire into a rural healthcare specialist laid out

Health news
Health news

Plans to make Lincolnshire a National Centre for Rural Health and Care have been revealed to major stakeholders today (Wednesday).

More than 50 guests heard presentations from chief executive of United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust Jan Sobieraj, chief executive of the Nuffield Trust Nigel Edwards, and Professor Ira Moscovice, the director of the Rural Health Institute at the University of Minnesota.

The plans hope to make Lincolnshire a county into a specialist area of rural healthcare including carrying out internationally recognised research and helping to change policies for healthcare.

Attendees were told it was a recognised fact that Government planning when it came to healthcare, and other public services, was ‘urban-centric’.

Plans to utilise technology, and attract, retain and train staff in the area as well as how to get people to look after themselves more.

Professor Moscovice also spoke about how his institute worked in America and the comparisons between rural healthcare in the US and England.

In the video above, taken on a camera phone, Mr Sobieraj outlines what these plans could mean for the county.