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MOD site is “blighting the lives of nearby residents”.

After further testing was announced for this week at the Faldingworth site, Toft next Newton resident David Humpage says he will withhold his council tax in a bid to get the authority to take action.

”I find it incredibly disruptive, and it makes life very difficult for me and for lots of other people,” said Mr Humpage.

“I can’t see why they should be going on.

“The council has a duty to stop them; the council has not stopped them.

“So, my remedy, the next thing I’m going to do, is withhold my council tax.

“The council calls us customers; if we are customers, we have customer rights, which means we can withhold payment for inadequate services.”

Notice of the latest round of testing announced there would be approximately 50 shots per day for most of this week.

“The big stuff always starts with a siren and then you sit tensed up waiting for the sound,” added Mr Humpage.

“Once we know they are due to happen, it wipes out the whole day, as you don’t know exactly when they will happen.”

But Richard Briggs, manager of Faldingworth Defence Ltd (Skydock), who undertake the testing, said this week’s activity will only create about 30 seconds of noise a day.

“We are doing nothing wrong,” Mr Briggs told the Rasen Mail.

“There is no environmental impact other than sound and we are doing really good work in relation to IEDs (improvised explosive device).”

And the district council says activities at the site are within permitted levels.

“A detailed investigation has been carried out with regard to the complaints of the explosions from Faldingworth,” said Grant Lockett, acting area manager for Market Rasen.

“Activities at the site do not constitute a statutory noise nuisance and as such no legal action can be taken against the site.

Mr Lockett added: “It’s a legal requirement to pay council tax and full recovery action will be taken against anyone who fails to pay.”