VIDEO: Lincolnshire Police chief explains changes to PCSO shift patterns to increase force presence at weekends.

Changes to Lincolnshire PCSO shift patterns are designed to heighten visibility on the streets when needed.
Changes to Lincolnshire PCSO shift patterns are designed to heighten visibility on the streets when needed.

Lincolnshire Police has altered the hours worked by its PCSOs that will see them work an extra 30,000 hours at weekends each year.

Around 170,000 incidents are reported to the force each year, according to a Lincolnshire Police statement and just under 30 per cent of these happen at weekends.

The changes to shift patterns will help the force to respond to reports of anti-social behaviour, missing people, criminal damage, thefts from vehicles as well as engaging with residents and supporting the night time economy. There will also be more PCSOs on hand to support ongoing investigations by collecting evidence.

Chief Superintendent Paul Timmins, says: “PCSOs are at the very heart of the communities they serve and are vital in helping us protect the public. We have listened to our officers and the new shift patterns will give them a better work-life balance and help us provide the very best service to county residents.

"The work of PCSOs greatly assists police officers too, so this will also help to reduce pressure on them over busy weekends.”

Nigel Wass, Police Community Support Officer for Lincolnshire Police and Unison representative says: “Before this we could work seven days in a row before having a couple of days off. That’s incredibly tiring as it’s a really active job – I normally cover at least five miles every shift and more if I need to use a bike. We are delighted with the new system and the extra days off will help us feel refreshed and ready to meet the needs of our communities.”

Marc Jones, Police and Crime Commissioner says: “I know from the many meetings I attend around the county how much residents value a uniformed presence on the streets.

“These new shift patterns ensure that PCSOs are in the community they serve at the times when they are most needed to support the policing of the county.

“We will continually look at new ways of creating the most effective and efficient policing model possible so Lincolnshire remains one of the safest places to live in the UK.”

The changes will start from April 30. To find out more about PCSOs go to this web page: