Video: Lift off for Dementia Awareness Week

Residents and staff at The Poplars Care Home in Market Rasen held a balloon release on Monday.

They were just one of The Orders of St John Care Trust sites from across the country taking part in the co-ordinated event to mark Dementia Awareness Week.

Residents and staff at The Poplars in Market Rasen let off balloons to mark Dementia Awareness Week EMN-140519-150015001

Residents and staff at The Poplars in Market Rasen let off balloons to mark Dementia Awareness Week EMN-140519-150015001

One balloon was released for every resident at The Poplars and there will be a prize for the person nationally who finds the labelled balloon which has travelled furthest from its starting point and for the balloon owner.

The Poplars release was organised by the home’s activity co-ordinator Sheila Pickering, who said: “Everyone had great fun taking part in the balloon release.”

Become a Dementia Friend in Lincolnshire

NHS Lincolnshire East CCG is supporting the Dementia Friends campaign to help people develop an understanding of dementia and turn it into action to help people in their community living with the disease.

Dementia is arguably the biggest health crisis facing the UK: there are currently 665,065 people in England who have dementia and an estimated twenty-one million people in England have a close friend or family member with dementia– because they live with or care for someone who has dementia.

The campaign is encouraging people to become a Dementia Friend by watching an interactive video online to increase their understanding of the disease and implementing their experience on a daily basis.

Dr Brynnen Massey, Chair of Lincolnshire East Clinical Commissioning Group said: “One in three of us over the age of 65 will develop dementia, an incredibly high statistic.

“But people with dementia can live well, and it is the responsibility of the rest of the community to help them do so.

Only by personally understanding the issues that people living with dementia face can we fully appreciate the challenges they have to overcome on a day-to-day basis.

“By becoming a Dementia Friend, you are playing a crucial role in helping us take one step closer to creating a dementia-friendly society.”

May 18-24 is Dementia Awareness Week and this year it is all about opening up.

If you’re worried you, or someone close to you, may have dementia, it can be difficult to talk about.

You may feel scared, confused or even ashamed; you may also be hoping the problem will go away so you don’t have to deal with it.

If you’re seriously concerned, and the problem continues, it’s important to talk to someone about it.

The sooner you know what you’re dealing with, the sooner you can get on with your life and feel in control again.

You can speak to someone at the Alzheimer’s Society by calling their helpline on 0300 222 11 22.

And for further information on how to become a Dementia Friend, visit