Usselby farm airstrip approved on safety


A farm-based airstrip for Microlight aircraft can keep operating thanks to a perfect safety record.

The strip at Brookfield Farm, Usselby, has had some operating conditions removed by West Lindsey District Council after it reported trouble free operations.

The 20m-by-375m grass strip is sited in the middle of a field. The Microlight craft only carry one person and do not exceed 450kg.

The strip is not large enough for bigger craft, but to remove any doubt, it will only be used for recreational flying with no flight training.

Private helicopters, ultralight aircraft and paramotors will not be given permission to land, since owners Philip Read and Rosemary Wiles consider they are too noisy. Permission to land will only be given by advance notice.

The application said the strip would not be advertised but it would be listed in specialist guides and publications. Locals backed the farm strip, which would be similar to others at New York, Mavis Enderby and East Barkwith.