UPDATE: Residents told to be flood aware following reports of potential flooding on East Coast

The Government has issued a warning over possible flooding on the East Coast.
The Government has issued a warning over possible flooding on the East Coast.

The Environment Agency has confirmed it has no flood warnings in place for Lincolnshire but asked people to sign up for warnings following concerns over potential localised flooding along the East Coast.

The Government’s Flood Information Service five-day flood risk has issued warnings for the entire East Coast from Northumberland to Kent over the ‘potential danger to life’ due to ‘over-topping of coastal promenades along with possible flooding of properties’.

On Friday, it says: “A combination of high tides, a surge, large waves and strong winds will affect the east coast of England.

“Coastal flooding is possible along the east coast of England from Northumberland to Kent on Friday (extending into early Saturday morning along the Kent coast).

“There is potential danger to life along the east coast from large waves and over-topping of coastal promenades, along with possible flooding of properties and parts of communities including disruption to travel.”

A spokesman for the EA said there were no flood alerts or warnings issued in Lincolnshire but advised people to sign up to our warnings so they get early notice if this changes.

EA area duty manager for Lincolnshire Deborah Campbell said: “Early indications are that a cold front with high winds may combine with high spring tides later this week, meaning a low risk of sea spray, pooling of water, large waves and potentially localised flooding along sections of the east coast, including Lincolnshire.

“We are closely monitoring these conditions and the weather forecast with our partners including the Met Office and local authorities and will issue flood alerts and warnings if needed.

“In the meantime, we have staff on the ground taking early precautions such as closing tidal gates and checking flood defences.

“We’re also reminding that people exercise caution if they’re in exposed coastal areas like paths and promenades in high winds and bad weather – don’t want people getting caught off-guard by large waves! Also can you please include a reminder not to drive through any flood water that might be on coastal roads as only 30 cm is enough to move a car.”

To check whether you are at risk for flooding and sign up to free flood warnings call 0345 988 1188 or visit www.gov.uk/flood

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