“Unique celebration” of daughter’s survival

Louth to host it's first Triathlon event.
Louth to host it's first Triathlon event.

A celebration of the life of Claudia Burkhill, the eight-year-old who miraculously survived a rare form of cancer is being planned for Market Rasen race course.

Mum and Dad, Dave and Annie, have booked out the race course for a day of racing on Sunday August 3, for the “Claudia’s Cause Family Fun Race Day.”

“We are proposing to host this amazing celebration in honour of everyone who follows Claudia’s cause and of course to celebrate the international news that Claudia has been cured,” the couple posted on their Facebook page.

Seven races will be staged, which will be televised, with free events for children.

“So please join us, in what we believe is a first, a unique celebration in what promises to be a spectacular event.”

Annie Burkhill told the Rasen Mail that the event is to celebrate Claudia being clear and all ticket proceeds, etc, go directly to the racecourse.

“We pay to sponsor the event and so, technically, it is costing us money to host. At this moment we don’t envisage ‘making’ anything but if we do, it would be for Claudia. At this precise moment in time, it is costing us but this event is not set up as a fundraiser, it is a celebration.

“The Market Rasen Race Course is a business and well, business is business so no, it is not being done for free. I am hosting the event and I am under contract to the racecourse and we hope to cover the costs of the event from sponsorship etc,” she said.

A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available, including naming rights for races.

“We have been inundated with interest for sponsoring the races on that day,” the couple said, adding interest in the race day was global, with people coming from as far away as Dubai and New Zealand.

“Market Rasen really will be on the map!”

While Claudia may receive some financial contribution from the event, the Burkhill’s are in talks with West Lindsey District Council to see how it can help the family, especially if Dave Burkhill returns to work before facilities to help Annie care for Claudia are installed.

“She may no longer have cancer, but she does have severe disabilities and she requires 24/7 care,” said Annie.

“She cannot walk, talk, sit unaided, eat, drink, see. Her list of disablements far outweigh what any of the new ‘likers’ understand due to the world’s press using very old photographs of her. But she has us, her family, her friends, her ‘followers’ all fighting for her.”