Tree surgeons to the rescue

Tealby bench
Tealby bench

A bench devastated by vandals has been repaired by Tealby tree surgeons.

The tree surgeons have carved a new owl and repaired a bench in Tealby play park after it was targeted by vandals.

Ross Jones, pictured with the new owl carving, was thrilled to help.

He said: “We were delighted to be commissioned to carve the bench for the Tealby WI (Women’s Institute) to donate to the village to celebrate the Jubilee.

“I’m fairly new to carving but the kids really seemed to like it.

“Jim (Ross’s boss) didn’t want some mindless vandals to spoil it for the children or the ladies who kindly paid for it, so we’ve repaired it as quickly as possible and for free.”

Ross and his boss, James Kendall, managing director of Tealby-based business Lincolnshire Tree Services, took part in a speed chainsaw carving event this year’s Lincolnshire Show.

The pair impressed the audience with their skills and received a massive round of applause.

They also showed crowds what they were capable of at this year’s Brocklesby Country Fayre, which took place at the end of last month on Sunday June 23.