Villagers: ‘We can’t wait until someone is killed’

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Drivers speeding near a pedestrian crossing in a built up area of Middle Rasen are putting people’s lives at risk, say concerned residents.

Residents who live at The Brambles in Middle Rasen are calling for action to be taken to slow down drivers on the near-by A46 Gallamore Lane.

Brian Dring, who is leading the fight, says many drivers heading towards Caistor on the 60mph stretch of Gallamore Lane are not slowing down as they approach the junction for Caistor Road, where the speed limit is 30mph.

And Brian says drivers heading in the opposite direction are no better.

He believes there should be more signs reminding people of the speed limit and thinks it might be a good idea to scrap the 60mph limit altogether.

He said: “Unwelcome driving behaviour particularly by cars and motorcycles has been experienced for many months.

“A lot of children and elderly people use the crossing.

“It’s very concerning for people who live on the estate.

“For those vehicles which turn right into Gallamore Lane there are no reminder signs of the 30mph limit, apart from partial street lighting.

“We can’t wait until someone is killed before something is done about it.

Brian wants Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership to do a survey on the road and has already been in touch with Middle Rasen Parish Council about it.

Middle Rasen Parish Council clerk Jo Trotter said: “The council is aware of this and are taking steps to ensure a Road Safety Partnership survey is completed in line with the residents’ concerns.”

The Brambles resident Mal Walsh, who is a retired road policing traffic officer for Merseyside Police, agrees that something needs to be done.

He said: “It’s a well known fact speed kills.”

The residents say more people have moved to the area over the past five to seven years due to new housing developments - and the area has become quite busy.

Two serious crashes on A46 this month

Already this month a man has been killed and a woman seriously injured in two separate crashes on the A46.

Scott Bennett, 24, of Laceby Road, Grimsby died after his blue Toyota was involved in a collision with a lorry.

The crash happened on the A46 at Welton at about 8.50am on Saturday, November 3.

Mr Bennett was pronounced dead at the scene.

Then, just a few days later on Tuesday, November 6 a 61-year-old woman from Middle Rasen was left with serious pelvic injuries after a crash on the A46 Caistor Road at Osgodby.

The woman had been driving a Honda car and was in collision with a lorry at 8.15am.

She was taken to hospital in Grimsby and later sent to hospital in Hull for surgery.

Police are appealing for information about both of these incidents.

If you have any information call Lincolnshire Police on the non-emergency number 101 quoting incident 109 of November 3, 2012 or incident 48 of November 6, 2012.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership spokesman John Siddle said:

“Before we look at anything we will have to gather some data - surveys are in great demand across the county.

“Once the survey has been done we will have to process the data so we can clearly see what needs to be done.

“Quite often surveys will come back as five per cent of drivers travelling on the road are speeding two or three miles per hour over the speed limit. If that’s the case then we can’t really put extra signs up. It might just be a bush that needs trimming so people can see the signs.”

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