Two accidents in one morning from Rasen area pothole

A recovery man loading the damaged Jaguar onto a truck. EMN-180502-160022001

The angry owner of a luxury car is claiming a ‘lethal’ pothole near Market Rasen has caused extensive damage to his vehicle.

James Boulton says he hit the pothole on the B1203 (Tealby Road) last Saturday morning.

A close up of the pothole on Tealby Road. Picture: Steve Green. EMN-180502-125745001

The Rasen Mail can reveal another driver is also facing a repair bill after hitting the SAME pothole on the SAME morning.

Mr Boulton described the pothole as ‘potentially lethal’ and revealed the impact almost forced him off the road.

He revealed he was in his 2016 Jaguar XE and thought he was driving through a puddle.

He explained: “I was coming round the corner and saw a puddle on the inside (of the road surface).

“I tried to avoid it but there was oncoming traffic.

“There was an almighty bang in the front and back of the car.

“The impact nearly took me off the road.”

Mr Boulton got out of his car and inspected the pothole - which after measuring he estimated to be eight to ten inches deep - and two feet in length.

He says what makes it even more dangerous is the pothole is about two feet into the road.

Describing the accident, Mr Boulton said: “It was very scary...really horrible.”

He says the impact has caused severe damage to his car which needs two new alloy wheels and two new tyres while a section of the bodywork needs re-spraying.

Mr Boulton said the estimated figure for repairs to his car is more than £1,000.

He is currently in contact with his insurers, and with Jaguar.

A few hours earlier, another motorist - Steve Green - was also travelling along Tealby Road after visiting his daughter in Middle Rasen.

He says his car hit the same pothole.

Because he could not drive his car, due to the wheel being ‘jammed’, he stopped at the nearby Sunnyside Up Farm and Coffee Shop, waiting for assistance.

While in the coffee shop, he says he saw what happened to Mr Boulton.

Mr Boulton and Mr Green noticed the pothole has faded yellow spray paint around it which they say indicated someone was aware of the hazard.

Mr Green said: “I live in Humberston and normally go through Grimsby and the A46, but we thought we’d go cross country.

“That road is so bad in many places.

“You cannot miss it (the pothole). It is so broad across the road.

“In the dark, you wouldn’t see it.

“You’d have to stop to avoid it if there was oncoming traffic.”

Mr Green said there should be a sign, warning road users of the pothole.

Both men have reported their separate incidents
 to Lincolnshire County Council.

After Mr Green shared his misfortune on the ‘Rasen Chat’ group on Facebook, many users came forward with some revealing the same pothole had cost them a trip to a repair garage.

One person said: “Can’t even imagine the damage it would do if a motorbike or cyclist hit it.”

Another said: “This has been there for ages too.”

The Rasen Mail contacted Lincolnshire County Council for a comment.

A spokesman confirmed the pothole has been reported and that it would be ‘attended to’ by the end of this week.

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