Pilot blames himself for crash landing near Market Rasen


The 64-year-old pilot of a microlight which 
was wrecked after crash-landing in a wheat field adjacent to Grange Farm airstrip near Market Rasen has blamed himself in an official report for what happened.

An Air Accident Investigation Branch report into the incident in which the 1991 built Shadow microlight – reg G MWTP – owned by Robert Edward Michael Gibson-Bevan, of Little Langley, Bardney Road, Wragby, was wrecked says the pilot believed his landing approach to Grange Farm was wrong.

The pilot, who had 418 hours flying experience, walked away from the crash, which happened on the evening of 12 July, unhurt but the report the tiny aircraft was damaged beyond economic repair.

It says that the pilot, in an attempt to avoid over flying a farm near one end 
of the runway had intended to close with the runway 
part way along it, which 
was a procedure he had carried out many times in the past.

However, it continues: “The pilot recalled being about 15 to 20 ft above the wheat crop and aiming 
for the touchdown point when he suddenly became aware that he was brushing the top of it.

“He opened the throttle but this seemed to draw him further into the crop, so he closed the throttle 
and accepted a landing in the crop. The aircraft stopped very rapidly, but remained upright, and he evacuated normally.

“The pilot believes he allowed the aircraft to become too slow and flat on the approach and that tall trees to the south sheltered it from any breeze that might have been present.”