Illegal parking making traffic worse in town

TRAFFIC congestion was raised as a matter of concern at last week’s Market Rasen Town Council meeting.

Councillors will be seeking enforcement of George Street’s seven and a half tonne weight limit after Coun Martin Harvey reported that a lorry had recently become stuck at the road’s junction with Queen Street and had been forced to reverse all the way back to Gallamore Lane.

Coun Harvey also asked that the phasing of the traffic lights at the Oxford Street, Queen Street, Willingham Road crossroads be altered.

He told members that on the last race day, when MR BIG also held its 70s themed market, traffic was queuing back to The Red Lion because cars could not turn right into Oxford Street.

But Coun Ken Bridger said that the lights were not the problem.

He said: “The new traffic lights are sensored and they change when they sense stationary vehicles.

“The problem we now have is that people are parking illegally near the traffic lights and that’s what changing them.”

Mayor Steve Bunney said the town’s roads and traffic was something the council would be including and consulting on for its town plan.