Devoted mother and wonderful daughter killed in car crash the morning after drinking


A devoted mother from Binbrook died in a road traffic collision on the B1203 after she had been drinking alcohol the previous evening, an inquest heard.

Charlotte Bustin, 24, died on June 28 2013 after losing control of her car as she overtook a vehicle ahead of her on the road between Binbrook and East Ravendale.

Senior Coroner Paul Kelly heard today, Wednesday March 19, that Miss Bustin had been drinking at a friend’s house in Cleethorpes the night before the incident and was found to be nearly three times over the drink drive limit.

Miss Bustin went to her friend’s house for a drink after dropping Melanie Winter, also from Binbrook, off in Cleethorpes.

Miss Winter took a taxi back to sleep at the house where Miss Bustin was staying, and was told she would be driven home the following morning.

Miss Winter was dropped off in Binbrook by Miss Bustin after 8.30am on the morning of the accident - Miss Bustin then made her way to work in Grimsby along the B1203.

Miss Winter told the inquest that she had to ask Miss Bustin to slow down on one occasion but that Miss Bustin was a capable driver.

She added that Miss Bustin was concerned about being late for work.

A witness claimed that Miss Bustin approached their car at speed ahead of a bend and that she moved out to overtake them at between 70 and 75 miles per hour.

As she moved back into her lane Miss Bustin lost control of her vehicle after hitting the verge on the near side of the car.

Her car then veered across the road causing an oncoming car to crash into the passenger side of the vehicle.

Janice Williams, who was driving her son to school at the time, told the court that she saw the car “wiggle” before it veered onto her side of the road.

Miss Bustin had to be freed from her vehicle by the fire and rescue service at the scene.

She was pronounced dead on arrival at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby later that morning.

A postmortem examination concluded that Miss Bustin died as a result of multiple injuries.

A toxicology test also found a trace of cocaine in her system - although it was not determined when this was taken.

In a written statement Mark Cook, the man whose house Miss Bustin stayed at the previous evening, said that he could not recall that drugs, legal or non-legal, were taken, but that they had been drinking.

Miss Bustin’s late father Michael had a statement read in evidence during the inquest which was held at Cleethorpes Town Hall.

Mr Bustin said: “She was a devoted mum who wanted to better her life and (her son’s) life.

“She was a wonderful daughter and sister - she was the life and soul of the party.

“She is much loved and much missed by all.”

Collision Investigator Steve Jackson described Miss Bustin hitting the grass verge as an “unrecoverable scenario.” He added that there was a heavy impact with Mrs Williams’ car and that Miss Bustin made the decision to overtake on an inappropriate location and her decision may have been influenced by toxicology in her system or her rush to get to work.

Miss Bustin’s mother Ann said: “The inquest has given us what we wanted. We will never forget her, she was a joy to be around.”

There is a memorial bench in Binbrook dedicated to Miss Bustin. It is planned that this will be placed on Grimsby Road.