County hopes to lick Rasen HGV problem with paint


Market Rasen Mayor John Matthews has welcomed County Council plans for a ‘HGV calming’ project in Market Rasen.

After complaints from the town council that HGVs are still using the restricted George Street and Caistor Road, Lincolnshire County Council has come up with a plan.

Altering the road is too costly, instead lorries will be deterred from using it by a lick of yellow paint to make the road appear narrower at each end.

The problem road, on which vehicles are restricted to 7.5 tonnes, is George Street, where it meets Queen Street and Caistor Road, as far as Gallamore Lane.

The aim is that lorries will be deterred from using this route and will instead use the A46 Gallamore Lane and A631 Gainsborough Road and King Street route.

Mayor Matthews said the County Council has responded very quickly to the town council’s recent request and the work should be done by April.