Pothole nightmare for Dog Kennel residents

Wife of Mr Cooper, with neighbours Mrs Brookes (left) and Mrs Dearden (right) pictured on the by way. EMN-171120-172820001
Wife of Mr Cooper, with neighbours Mrs Brookes (left) and Mrs Dearden (right) pictured on the by way. EMN-171120-172820001
  • Husband claims his disabled wife is struggling to leave their house

A disabled woman is struggling to leave her home near Market Rasen because negotiating a ‘pothole ridden’ lane leaves her in even more pain.

Steve Cooper-Jones, who lives in the lane near Broom Covert off Legsby Road, says his wife Danielle is restricted to attending hospital and doctors’ appointments.

Potholes on the road surface in Dog Kennel Wood. EMN-171120-173120001

Potholes on the road surface in Dog Kennel Wood. EMN-171120-173120001

He - and other residents - say they are fed up of complaining about the condition of the lane.

He has written to MP Sir Edward Leigh.

In the letter, Mr Cooper-Jones says: “The lane itself was last resurfaced two years and eight months ago.

“This consisted of the top layer being scraped, chopped up, relaid and rolled.

More evidence of potholes on by-way. EMN-171120-173239001

More evidence of potholes on by-way. EMN-171120-173239001

“Since then, it has become riddled with potholes once again.

“There are so many potholes - and often of a large size - that it is impossible to travel down the lane and avoid them.

“This is having negative effects on our vehicles, plus my wife’s disability is spinal and although she is in constant pain, she has had to stop leaving the house for anything other than hospital and doctor appointments as travelling along the lane creates more pain for her.”

A spokesman for Lincolnshire County Council indicated the lane was not ‘primarily intended’ for motor vehicles.

He added the authority could not justify spending money on repairing the lane.

He said: “Although we can’t legally prevent the byway through Dog Kennel Wood from being used by motor vehicles, it is primarily intended for use by pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians.

“Therefore, we are only required to maintain it to the standard required for those groups.

“We realise this may be inconvenient for some but we cannot justify spending thousands of pounds upgrading the byway when that money would be far better invested in much busier roads that are actually designed for motor vehicles.”

Mr Cooper hit back and said: “We are unaware that the byway is restricted so surely it must be kept in a condition good enough for motor vehicles.

“We already have problems with some delivery companies refusing to use the lane and it will soon get to the point where the post van will not come here either.”

Another resident, Carole Dearden, claimed the council had ‘adopted’ the lane 20 years ago as a ‘BOAT’ (by-way open to all traffic).

She confirmed the authority had erected signs at both ends of the lane, saying it was unfit for motor vehicles.

She added: “Why insist on adopting it and then neglect the maintenance? Surely, the adoption would have been done thoroughly including the projected increase in traffic and use due to its change of status and not just done on some kind of a whim.

“Open to all traffic but now unsuitable for motor vehicles? How can this be?”

Residents also claim they received a letter from West Lindsey District Council last Thursday to notify them that household refuse would no longer be collected.

This would mean residents dragging bins for a quarter of a mile to the end of lane, where it meets Legsby Road.

Mr Cooper said: “We have been informed by the ‘bin-man’ that they will not be coming down our lane until it is mended as he is afraid it will break the suspension on his lorry.”

After Mr Cooper and Mrs Dearden contacted the district council, they say they were told the letters about bin collections were sent out in error and that a smaller vehicle would be used.

Mr Cooper said: “This is great news, and a relief for everyone, but still doesn’t solve the problem of the by-way.”

Mrs Dearden said: “I have no idea how they square this circle but they refuse to accept that our lane is unfit for purpose.”

The Rasen Mail asked the District Council for a comment but had not received a reply yesterday (Tuesday) lunchtime.