Plans ‘wrecked’ as train ‘too busy to board’

Market Rasen station EMN-160703-142526001
Market Rasen station EMN-160703-142526001
  • East Midlands Trains ‘regrets’ problem and is ‘working to resolve the issue’

Furious rail users are demanding action after about 60 people were unable to board a packed single-carriage train heading towards Lincoln on Saturday afternoon (March 5).

The 12.03pm East Midlands Trains service from Market Rasen to Lincoln arrived at the platform already full, leaving 57 people stranded - with the next train not until 2.25pm.

“They need to put on more services to meet demand”

Helen Taylor

One of those people was Helen Taylor, who had been planning a trip into Lincoln to take her mind off Mother’s Day after the recent death of her mum.

Helen, who was with her partner, said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous, why isn’t there another carriage?

“My mum has just died and to take my mind off Mother’s Day, we wanted to go on the train, to have a glass of wine and not drive back.

“As the train was full we had to drive in.

“That train pretty much wrecked that plan.

“It’s infuriating.

“We’ve not tried to get the train into Lincoln at that time but apparently it happens nearly every week.

“Market Rasen’s highlighted as an area for development but we need to have some reliable transport first.

“There’s a massive demand for it.

“They need to put on more services to meet demand.”

Helen has sent a complaint letter to East Midlands Trains and has written to MP Sir Edward Leigh and the Strategic Rail Authority about the issue.

She also posted a complaint on the East Midlands Trains Facebook page.

She said: “Can someone please explain to me the logic behind only sending one carriage on the Grimsby to Newark journey arriving at Market Rasen at 12.03 on a Saturday?

“During the week, when the train is mainly empty, let me emphasise that, empty, there are two carriages.

“But in the mornings, when the train is busy there is only one so everyone is rammed on.

“But I have never experienced anything like today.

“What’s your excuse please?

“Because as far as I can see there is not, except for an utter lack of care, complete disregard for your customers and a blatant inability to provide a decent service.”

The train company responded by saying: “We appreciate this is very frustrating and we agree additional carriages are required for this and many more services.

“Regrettably all our carriages are being used to their maximum capacity and we do not have additional carriages to strengthen these services.

“We are currently working with the Department for Transport (DFT) to try and resolve this.”

Helen said: “The response from East Midlands Trains is really uncaring.”

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