Plans to ‘dual’ busy A15 road

A15 EMN-150610-105038001
A15 EMN-150610-105038001

Talks are under way to turn the A15 into a dual carriageway.

Meetings have been held between West Lindsey, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire councils to discuss plans to make the A15 a dual carriageway between Lincoln and 

West Lindsey District Council leader Jeff Summers has said a dual carriageway would reduce accidents and ‘improve connectivity’ for people in Market Rasen and surrounding villages.

He said: “Having a dual carriageway is undoubtedly going to improve connectivity for places like Market Rasen and Gainsborough.

“Instead of coming out of Lincoln with a string of vehicles at 30 to 40mph, we’ll have a more open road that’ll allow heavy goods vehicles and cars to travel more realistically, with increased 

“One of the important things is, in my mind, it will reduce the number of accidents that occur.”

Coun Summers said recentlty there had been two accidents where a vehicle “ploughed” into another vehicle that had slowed to turn either left or right.

He said: “I’m convinced it’ll (dueal carriageway) be a lot safer.”

And he added: “We’ve got an airfield at Ingham, an industrial area at Caenby Corner, Hemswell Cliff, which is a developing area and Kirton Lindsey airfield, where there’s scope for economic development and 

But Coun Summers said the project was in the very early stages.

He said: “There’s no specific time plan in place.

“It’s early days. It’s not going to happen overnight. I can’t say how many years that it’s going to be.”

Coun Summers said the A15 was one of ‘three or four’ roads across the county that have been earmarked to be made into dual carriageways.

He said: “Its justification is growing all the time.

“We’ve got Lincoln city which is a rapidly growing 

“With the development of the central Lincolnshire Local Plan there’ll be significant economic and housing development over the next 20 years.”

Coun Summers said the new road, which would go right up to the M180, would have to bypass the Caenby Corner 

He said he has held meetings with North Lincolnshire Council’s Conservative leader, Liz Redfern and North East Lincolnshire Council’s labour leader, Ray Oxby.

And he claims both are “in full support” of the 

At the time of going to press the Market Rasen Mail had not heard back from the North Lincolnshire Council Conservative group and had been unable to contact Coun Oxby.

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