Highways manager’s warning to Market Rasen motorists

Cars head into town on the A631 EMN-190419-151123001
Cars head into town on the A631 EMN-190419-151123001

Lincolnshire County Council’s highways manager has urged Market Rasen motorists to ‘respect speed limits or face police action’.

It comes after the town’s deputy mayor, Coun Steve Bunney called for action to tackle ‘major speeding issues’ on almost every road heading into town.

Coun Bunney’s comments came after county council highways officers agreed to road safety improvements outside of the town’s De Aston School.

Lincolnshire County Council’s local highways manager for the Market Rasen area said: “Most of the roads into the town have a 40mph zone before the 30mph, to bring down the speed of vehicles coming in, and we would ask motorists to respect these limits.

“In addition, we have recently had a meeting with the town council and the headteacher of De Aston School to discuss extending the 30mph zone, and this is something we will be looking at.

“We would encourage all motorists to obey the speed limit, and remind them that they could face police action if caught speeding.”

Coun Bunney said: “On the roads coming into town, in almost every case, there’s a speeding issue.

“We know there are fatal accidents, usually once or twice a year.

“Speeding is a major issue.”

Mayor John Matthews added: “It’s because they’re open straight roads.”

Resident Peter Dixon said: “There is only one answer to this major problem...reduce the speed limit and make sure it is vigorously controlled.”

And Michael Wraith said: “The A46 into Market Rasen is quite regularly patrolled by traffic police.

“The problem with this section of the A46 is that the road changes from 50 to 60 to 40, then with a very short distance you drop to 30.

“The distance between 40 and 30 needs to be greater so that drivers can reduce their speed more safely.”

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