Traditional horse fair held in Brigg

Some of the regular visitotrs to Brigg Horse Fair
Some of the regular visitotrs to Brigg Horse Fair

The day and the event passed quietly - lest we forget it was Brigg Horse Fair last week, the event celebrated in the folk song used for the rhapsody Brigg Fair by Delius, which made the town of Brigg famous the world over.

In the run up to this year’s event, the gypsy community came to Brigg to trade horses just as they always have.

Some of them took up camp in Station Road and some rode into Brigg with their horses.

Another holding camp was at Redbourne on the green by the Red Lion.

The town, local businesses and the authorities have often been divided on whether the travelling visitors brought positive or negative tourism.

ABrigg Business Partnership spokesman said: “It seems to have been quiet this year, I have seen one or two come through town.

“It is part of Brigg’s history and I want to see it continue, but it will always need to be controlled.”

Horses have been traded at Brigg for hundreds of years and with the granting of a Market Charter in 1204 an annual event around August 5 has been taking place with festivities, markets and the trading of horses.

A charity market was run in the 1990s by ‘Freeman of Brigg’ Tom Glossop and his organising committee. And alongside the horse fair, the town centre fair attracted visitors to Brigg in their thousands.

In the past few years that event has not been held, but the horse fair has continued in a low key way.