Town set to blossom through civic pride

A lot is planned for all ages by Caistor in Bloom throughout 2014
A lot is planned for all ages by Caistor in Bloom throughout 2014

A two-day open gardens event coupled with a gardeners’ fair are some of the highlights of the coming year on the agenda for the award winning Caistor in Bloom group.

At the official 2014 launch in Caistor Town Hall on Saturday, chairman Deborah Barker gave a run down of the past year’s achievements - which were in such abundance, it was at times difficult to keep up the commentary on the accompanying slide show.

“Seven years ago, there were a few flowers around the lamp-posts, now look at what there is,” said Caistor in Bloom president Ernie Brown.

“It’s not just the Caistor in Bloom committee that have done this, it is everyone working together.

“Thank you to everyone for putting the effort in and making Caistor look so good - Caistor now has civic pride.”

And their success is reaping rewards when it comes to grant money and sponsorship. The aim this year is £25,000 and they are well on their way to achieving it.

But it is not all about the flowers, as Deborah Barker was keen to point out.

“As a group we are getting more involved with tourism and bringing more people into the town, working with other local groups - and all age groups - to achieve this,” she said.

And one of the groups in particular they are hoping to work with this coming year is the brownies, who celebrate their 50th anniversary this year, while the national brownie movement marks its centenary.