Town celebration had a ring to it

All the Bells Market Rasen - The Foyer
All the Bells Market Rasen - The Foyer
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BICYCLE bells, hands bells, church bells and even mobile phones rung in the first official day of the Olympics on Friday.

Across the country people rang bells at 8.12am and Market Rasen Market Place was filled with people to mark the moment.

Paul Hiley from Market Rasen New Life Church who led the celebration on 
behalf of Market Rasen Churches Together, said he was delighted so many 
people had turned out to be part of the ceremony and share in the “special moment.”

In Caistor Harry 
Minns led the celebrations, ringing bells in the Market Place.

Bells were also rung as far away as the Antarctic and it was the first time Big Ben had been rung out of sequence with the hour since the Second World War.

Mr Hiley added: “Even those who could not be here, acrosse the country people are ringing their door bells, ringing bicycle bells and getting involved.”

Church bells were also rung at St Michael’s Church in Wragby as part of the celebration.

The time of 8.12am was picked as 70 years ago Winston Churchill called for the nation’s beels to sound after victory in the Battle of El Alamein in 1942.

This was seen as the turing point in the Second World War after which no major battles were lost.