Top Tealby pub cleans up after latest inspection

Staff at the Kings Head, Tealby
Staff at the Kings Head, Tealby

It’s rated by TripAdvisor as the best of 26 restaurants in the Market Rasen area.

But when the food hygiene inspector called last summer, Sol and John Pickwell-Nicolau were distraught to receive only one star, meaning “major improvement necessary.”

As a Rasen Mail investigation revealed, finding a spotless kitchen when we called, such low marks do not mean a place is dirty, instead the paperwork may not be in order.

Such was the case at the Kings Head in Tealby, where the Pickwell-Nicolaus’ say they have had to explain this to customers. They say the low rating has cost them some custom too.

But after another visit from West Lindsey’s inspectors, the pub has received the best mark it could, given its previous rating, a four.

“It all came down to paperwork. It’s the management of the paperwork,” Sol explained.

The council officials had concerns with access to a wash-basin so Sol and John have made it more accessible. They have also bought a new walk-in fridge.

“The most disappointing thing is the low mark was not due to hygiene and the general public don’t see that. It’s difficult to measure but we feel we haven’t been as busy this winter as previous years,” Sol continued.

Partner John added that had the pub not received a one last summer, it would have gained a five, which he says the pub will get at its next inspection.