Time to buy your presents

WITH just six weeks to go before Christmas you can almost hear the jingle of the sleigh bells coming over the horizon.

Follow our festive planning guide for a stress-free Christmas.

Now is the time to seriously start buying those presents. Make a list of what to get friends and loved ones and tick each item off as you get it.

Many shops are now doing great deals for Christmas, say on children’s annuals and books, but hurry as they may not last long.

Don’t leave all the wrapping up until the last minute or else you could be doing it on Christmas morning!

Get in plenty of wrapping paper, name tags and sticky tape and wrap one or two presents each day in the run-up to Christmas.

Make sure you haven’t missed anyone off your list of people to send cards to.

Ask relatives and friends to take a hand in cooking for the big day if they are coming to join in the celebrations.

Perhaps Auntie Enid could make a trifle or mince pies, Uncle Derek could bring the brussell sprouts and your parents could help with the Christmas cake or yuletide log.

Accept help as it will take the pressure off you to make a perfect day for everyone.

If you are travelling, plan ahead in case of bad weather – and make sure you have supplies in the car in case you get stuck.

Remember to get some good Christmas music in to make the party go with a swing.

Get the whole family to help with the decorations. It can be a really fun time if you make a game of it.

Why not create some of your own decorations or a mini wreath to put on the door this year?