Time stood still at Middle church

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HIGH winds have forced time to stand still at Middle Rasen.

The minute hand of the church’s clock was blown off in recent stormy weather and it was feared it would not be repaired in time to chime in the New Year.

But now all is well, as Jonathan Lee and Tim Bradford from clock specialists Smiths of Derby found time in their busy schedules to replace the hand and Grandstand Scaffolding responded quickly to the call too.

“It was quite surprising when the hand fell off the clock, as the clock is relatively new” said Middle Rasen Rector, the Rev Charles Patrick.

“Thankfully nobody was injured when it fell.

“It took us a while to find the hand, but then we discovered someone had carefully put it into the church.

“It was completely snapped in two, so a new hand has had to be made.”

Thankfully the work was completed in good time to allow the clock to be repaired and get set to herald the start of 2012.

The clock was installed to commemorate the millennium in 2000, through grants with the parish council.

Since then, one of the old bells has been used for the striking mechanism.

“It is incredible how many people mentioned the clock had lost a hand, so it is obviously something that is well used,” added the Rev Patrick.

“It certainly was the talk of the village.”

The church bells will be put to their originally use over the festive season too.

Middle Rasen’s bell ringers will be ringing from 11pm on Chriistmas Eve to announce Mass and will also be ringing in 2012 on New Year’s Eve.