Think small for high street’s life

Think small to keep the high street alive EMN-150529-085416001
Think small to keep the high street alive EMN-150529-085416001

Small businesses are at the heart of any local community and Market Rasen is lucky to have a range of shops helping to bring growth and income to the town.

But they cannot keep the high street alive without the support of shoppers.

It may be easy to order at the click of a mouse from the comfort of your own home, but what you do not get with the internet is the feel and texture, or smell and aroma, of the goods you want to buy.

Neither does the internet offer the diversity of real town character through its range of bespoke shops or market stalls, where the hustle and bustle of a busy day in town can lift the lowest of spirits on the darkest of days.

More than that, shopping locally means the cash in your pocket goes back into your community and helps to keep our town centres alive.

So before you sit in front of the screen or opt for a one-stop out-of-town shop, why not think small and local first.

Head to Market Rasen’s high street for the greengrocer and the butcher, to buy that special gift or card and for a host of other needs.

It may surprise you just what is on offer and they are not always more expensive than the supermarket.

And small businesses offer that personalised service too, with plenty of advice when needed.

Together, we can keep our high streets not just alive, but thriving.